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T-shirts with silkscreen prints from the feminist movement "Flowers of Democracy"

These T-shirts from the feminist movement "Flowers of Democracy" was created by Maria Kulikovska using silkscreen printing.

Flowers of Democracy. Pysanky Spreading. Part 2.
Site-specific action-spreading of the sculptural object «Pysanky» by members of the movement «Flowers of Democracy». Dnipro, Ukraine, 2015.
From Action to Performative Sculpture, mini retrospective exhibition at Shcherbenko Art Centre in 2020. Kyiv, Ukraine.
The moment you put the T-shirt with the artist's print on your body, you simultaneously become a conditional "Alive Gallery". And over time, when you'll be tired of wearing this art object on your body, you can put it on a frame with glass and exhibit it as one of Kulikovska's works in your collection or in your own space.

Each art object in the form of T-shirt with a limited print of Maria Kulikovska's paintings is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity with a wet seal of Garage33.Gallery-Shelter.
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