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Holding the Line – Creative Resistance from Ukraine

Group exhibition of Ukrainian artists at the SomoS place in Berlin, Germany. Maria Kulikovska's watercolors on paper Received from the Migration Office series took part in the show.

26.04.2022 - 30.04.2022
Installation view - Maria Kulikovska, Zhenia Stepanenko
Installation view - Alena Yarysh, Maria Kulikovska, Zhenia Stepanenko, Somari Ptichka
SomoS presents the emergency group exhibition Holding the Line – Creative Resistance from Ukraine. It features work from young Ukrainian refugee artists and activists in Berlin forced to flee their home country due to Putin's brutal invasion, as well as contributions from their colleagues back home involved in raising awareness and funds for defense and humanitarian help. Their plight is articulated through video, photography, performance, painting, and installation.

As a neo-imperial project aimed at erasing Ukrainian cultural identity and democracy, Russia's unwarranted attack is also directed at sites of art and culture, as well as posing a great threat to artists, intellectuals, sexual dissidents, and other minorities and their work. This exhibition aims to amplify their voices, that exemplify and preserve the progressive and democratic contemporary culture of Ukraine that needs to be defended.

Participants: Gorsad, Maria Kulikovska, Nataliia Lushnikova, Maria Lutsak, Sergey Melnitchenko, Somari Ptichka, Zhenia Stepanenko, Alena Yarysh