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Body and Borders. Part 3. The Kharkiv Station.

Volunteer activities of Kulikovska-Shabo group in the border area, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2014.

Six months after Kulikovska-Shabo's marriage, the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine had to be started. By the end of August 2014 Jacqueline arrived in Kyiv. During that same period, one of the most heavily bombarded took place in the east of Ukraine. They destroyed a large number of residential houses and assets, and separated a lot of families and friends. Maria and Jacqueline decided to arrive at the border area in Kharkiv to help people, leaving a conflict zone. The volunteer activities of the Ukrainian-Swedish duo Kulikovska-Shabo became part of the long-term artist's project named «Body and Borders».

Maria Kulikovska and Jacqueline Shabo met in the summer of 2013. The artists decided to create a common project, which officially began on January 11, 2014, at the moment of registration of their marriage, and which culminated in March 8, 2017. As part of their collaboration, Kulikovska and Shabo held a marriage-as-performance and organized several exhibitions.

«Body and Borders» is a project about the body, perception of it on the different social, political and cultural levels, opportunities of the body in these complicated hierarchical structures. This project is about borders of the body, about destroying established rules and boundaries, about discussion on its gender, religious, sociocultural, and politically-economical roles.

«Body and Borders» is an open dialogue-manifestation of the woman's body, its status and place in the third-world countries, in zones of conflict, in military territories and in the internal territories - own - also conflict, because was a result of the external devastating cataclysms. This project is about the body of a woman, closed in the standards and harmed under pressure of stereotypes. This project is about non-negotiable questions, their consequences and addressing them.