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AoCG Artist in Residence

This year, the Academy of Cermamics Gmunden hosted six artists from all over the world and offered them the unique possibility of working with ceramic material. Some of them have never worked with this material before.

At Gmundner Keramik Maria Kulikovska made New Ceramics series, plates, painted in watercolor that tell of war and flight, and work with body impressions to produce a glazed ceramic "The Table of Negotiations?".

09.11.22. - 31.03.23
Gmundner Keramik manufactory, Gmunden, Austria
Maria Kulikovskas's "Table of Negotiations," 2022, beautiful and scary at the same time, consists of single plates made of clay, formed from her casted body parts and covered with colored glaze, was shown at Francisco Carolinum, Linz.

Her series of "Painted Plates and Cutlery" expresses dairy-like, in watercolor style, the experiences she went through during the war since March 2022 in her stay as an artist in residence at OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH and AoCG till September 2022.

This is what Maria added:
I/we made very important (for me) art works during very heavy, dark and very unstable time. At the end of my experiments at the Academy my new work "table of negotiations", I am very thankful that despite all personal difficulties I went through with the pleasure of having a baby, the time of experience and experiments with ceramic was a gift from my destiny.

It is a true act of art for better changes, when art community and cultural institutions support artists in their own ideas and with passion, help and with technical knowledge, then in the end we all have something new.
"It is a new, very new, totally new chapter in my art practice, my real, actual/non-artistic life. Because ceramics, clay and to work with it at the oldest ceramic factory in Europe saved me from depression and frustration now. And helped to evacuate all anger on being again a refugee into new artworks, which actually I wanted to create eight years ago, when I became refugee for the first time - to paint ceramic plates, when "everything/war" started.

Also, my time at the factory was an escape into myself, I expressed myself fully and I think it was a fundamental change or path deeper into my own artistic practice" — Maria Kulikovska says.