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11 February: Two Watercolors of One Me

Watercolor diptych on the paper for architectural sketches from the Soviet period. Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017.

The watercolor diptych «11 February: Two Watercolors of One Me» by Maria Kulikovska is a visualization of the artist's state on the last day of the second decade of her life.

The artist, as usual, tries to record the different states of her own body, often so fast-continuing, barely notable and subtle. The theme of physicality is one of the main issues of Kulikovska's creativity. The pink-bloody colors with the colors of grey and dark blue like the hematoma-wavy are spilling over on an old paper for the architectural sketches, which Maria Kulikovska does not use for the purpose. This is for the artistic attempts to destroy conditional boundaries of paper/object/material/space/body, which are recorded by society and tradition.